The Best Portable Air Conditioner For Camping


Today we're discussing how our portable air conditioner makes your camping experience much more comfortable! While family camping tents offer a lot of screen mesh in doorways, windows, low vents and ceilings to take advantage of breezes and convection, family campers sometimes need assistance with the conditions inside the tent body. Campers who live in very warm, humid climates, such as the southeastern U.S. states, may realize that neither ventilation nor a fan will be enough to make the tent comfortable. The humidity in the air may be worse than the air temperature itself.

Fortunately, the GoCool portable air conditioner can make a family tent quite comfortable, even on a very warm, humid day. It is the only device that can transfer both heat and humidity out of the tent body! A GoCool portable, battery powered air conditioner is perfect for camping.

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  • Brad Floyd
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