Heat And The Private Investigator!

Heat And The Private Investigator!

Anyone who has a car knows how hot it can get when left parked in the sun. All of us look for the shady spots whenever possible, but if you’re a private investigator, you choose the best spot for surveillance, in the shade or not.

PIs should use light colored vehicles with light interiors because dark vehicles get hotter than light vehicles….well, maybe not. It takes a little longer for cars with lighter interiors to heat up than it does for those with dark interiors, but they all heat up. Glass windows insulate the vehicle and hold heat inside the vehicle where the temperature can jump to above 120F in less than 10 minutes on a sunny, hot day anywhere, and can approach 200F in 30 minutes in the arid U.S. southwest. Now imagine you have to be in a vehicle for hours without anyone knowing you are there.

What are the options for PIs?

  • Tinted windows
  • Reflective windshield shades
  • Side window shades
  • Park in the shade whenever possible
  • Insulate the vehicle interior as much as possible.
  • Portable 12V fans
  • Wicking clothing
  • Seat cushions which allow air flow
  • An ice chest of cold water, frozen gel pads, and wet towels
  • A thermometer visible at all times

One amazing option for PIs is a 12V Go Cool, the only patented, portable, ice-water, air conditioner on the market! Go Cool dehumidifies, does not produce heat, does not need exhausting, and only pulls 1.6 amps! One private investigator liked it so much he permanently installed it into his vehicle.

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  • Bonnie Floyd
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