About Us

Comfort Innovations takes pride in it’s signature product, Go Cool, making it with quality parts and materials, and standing by its one year warranty. With unparalleled, live, 24 hour, telephone customer service and a commitment to excellence, we can always be reached.

Go Cool was born out of a need to cool a hot wife on a hot boat. Russell Martello, a 30+ year air-conditioning and heating business owner, invented the Go Cool in one week in his machine shop with make-shift parts and an ice chest. Then he took it to the cuddy cabin of his boat on a hot, Louisiana summer afternoon and turned it on. His problem was solved!

A patent was applied for and received and Comfort Innovations, LLC was formed to redesign, manufacture and sell the Go Cool. After years of development, the first Go Cool was sold in the fall of 2009. Since then, Go Cool has steadily increased sales in many markets, with sales in the Trucking, Surveillance, and small aircraft markets moving to the forefront. Other places Go Cool is being used include cooling pets in hot vehicles, small tents, baseball dugouts, construction cranes, small boat cabins, for sleeping in covered truck beds of escort vehicles, RVs, and tailgating.

Comfort Innovations, LLC introduced the Cool Cape in 2010 for use with the Go Cool to create an instant, individual, air-conditioned environment for cooling overheated athletes, workers, or outdoor event spectators.

In 2010 Comfort Innovations, LLC introduced live, 24 hour customer service. Go Cool was also named the #1 product for 2011 by Independent Owners and Operators subscribers to Landline Magazine.

In 2011 and 2012, Comfort Innovations, LLC worked with the LSU Athletic Training Department to develop the Cool Cart, an all terrain cart that can be wheeled anywhere to cool up to 8 individuals at one time. It was tested on the sidelines of home LSU football games to cool football players in full uniform. Since then it is not only used to cool football teams in practice and games, but also firefighters in the Georgia Pacific plant in Port Hudson, LA.

In 2013, Go Cool won the Environmental Award at INPEX, the largest convention and showcase in America for inventors. In 2014, Comfort Innovations, LLC moved its manufacturing to China to keep its price low and open up distribution channels for worldwide sales.