Prevent Heat Related Injury

Heat related illness and fatigue account for a great deal of sports related injuries. As athletes become over-heated, their focus and performance diminish.  Enter Go Cool, the patented, portable air conditioner designed for direct cooling.  Go Cool is able to focus extremely cold and dry air exactly where it's needed, to help cool of athletes quickly.  


More Effective Rest

This process makes bench time much more effective, and allows athletes to return the game with more focus and better performance. 

 Truly Portable Air Conditioning

The power of air conditioning power in a portable package.  Simply fill with ice, water, and turn it on. Cool small space such as vans, rvs and tents.  Stay more comfortable in hot environments.  Perfect for cooling sleeper cab trucks, cars, tents, RVs and small rooms.  


24/7 Customer Support

Call anytime for help with setup, or just to tell us how much you love your Go Cool. We'd love to hear how you're planning on using your Go Cool.