Cold Blanket

The Cold Blanket is the answer for treating overheated workers on site where cool down time is critical. When one Cold Blanket is placed beneath the worker and one Cold Blanket is place on top of the worker, his or her body is engulfed in immediate cold therapy. In addition to radiant heat exchange through the gel pockets in the Cold Blankets, ventilated seams allow body heat to escape, increasing the rate at which the body is cooled. The gel in the Cold Blankets remains pliable when frozen, allowing the blankets to easily conform to any body size or shape.  The thick, waterproof, nylon covering on the Cold Blankets can be cleaned with soap and water and disinfected for repeated use. Cold Blankets can be refrigerated or frozen offsite and kept cold onsite in any cooler, or portable freezer or cooled onsite in a cooler with ice.

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Cold Blankets will support the weight of even your largest athlete to envelop the body’s core in immediate, on-site, cold therapy to bring down the core temperature. 

Blankets come 2 per box, fold down to fit into a small, easy to carry ice chest, are long-lasting, durable, puncture resistant, 100 psi rated, washable, and affordable.  See attached brochure. 

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