How It Works

Go Cool - Portable Air Conditioner

Uses & Specifications

Go Cool is powered by our patented ice and water air conditioning technology which dehumidifies and cools the air by at least 18 degrees in the hottest conditions. 
Go Cool features an automatic temperature control, two fan speeds,
Go Cool is designed for cooling an enclosed space of 8' x 8' x 8' for 6.5 to 8 hours, but time may very depending on the specific application.  Go Cool produces ZERO heat and exhaust.
Customer support line is available 24-7 for questions regarding your specific application.
Supports up to 40 lbs. of Ice or gel packs.  Go Cool Accepts:
  • Bagged Ice
  • Block Ice
  • Up to 4 frozen one-gallon jugs
  • Up to 9 frozen two-liter jugs
  • Assorted frozen gel packs
Go Cool performs best with a mix of bagged ice and frozen Kooler-Gel, the ice extending gel.
Cooling time depends on size of room and starting air temperature.  Go Cool creates a minimum of 18 degrees in temperature drop, with greater cooling when using a combination of bagged ice and frozen gel packs.

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