RV Air Conditioner

Not all Air Conditioners are made equal. 

Roof mounted air conditioners are powerful, but they consume ALOT of power.  Power that has to come from a bank of batteries, an auxiliary power unit (APU) or a generator. 

These power sources are expensive to install, noisy to operate and require regular maintenance. 

Instead of spending time and money installing and maintaining an expensive roof mounted unit, Go Cool allows you to direct super cold, dry air right where you need it. 



Go Cool is a low voltage, high performing air conditioner that uses Ice and Water as it's coolant.  Don't let the words "Ice & Water" fool you, Go Cool is a bonafide air conditioner. 

We've replaced the traditional, power hungry compressor of air conditioners, with our Patented technology, to drop air to incredibly low temperatures.

 Join the Air Conditioner Revolution and Buy Go Cool Today!